Why a
speakers’ bureau?


The International Maritime Organization (IMO) and WISTA International are passionate about ensuring that maritime sector conferences and events have  diversity of thoughts, to represent the diverse and dynamic world we live in. We know that inclusive panels are one of the most visible ways to achieve this goal

It is time to end the tradition of all-male dominated speaking panels, sometimes referred to as ‘manels’. Speakers engage, educate and entertain audiences, but attendees must see themselves represented on stage.

Are you passionate about a subject, an expert in your field, a thought leader, want to share your opinion or have something to say? Let the world of maritime know.

What is in it for you?


This is your opportunity to share your knowledge and experience in your field and contribute to ensuring that audiences benefit from diverse thoughts.

Conference organisers

We are making it easier for you to have inclusive, diverse panels from this free-to-use directory of industry speakers. Panels with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences ensure that conversations bring about innovative and more inclusive solutions and help eliminate biases.

Most panel members speak from their own lived experience. A more diverse panel will ensure a broader and relevant discussion.


How does it work?


Once you have registered, conference and event organisers will be able to contact you with their requests via our website email system. You are free to accept or decline the invitation to speak (if you decline, you may wish to recommend another speaker, instead). Our site only introduces conference organisers to speakers, the details of the speaking opportunities are for both parties to discuss and agree.

Conference organisers

you can search the directory by sectors, subjects, expertise,  and countries. You can let us know if you would like a speaker but have been unsuccessful in finding one and we will try to assist.

How do I join the speakers bureau?

Complete your profile form and upload a picture of yourself if you are happy to do this. Don’t forget to let us know all the subjects you can speak about –  the more, the better. You can include as many topics as you wish. Alongside industry topics, if you are comfortable discussing diversity and inclusion in the maritime sector, please add this to your list of subjects.

Get involved

Our industry needs role models and diversity of thought. Visibility and a representation of a wider set of view points and opinions will help bring about meaningful change. Please help us to make this happen by becoming a part of this speaker bank or using it. Don’t forget to recommend it to your network.

Please ask the organisers about their diversity ratios for the conference if you are responsible for your company’s event sponsorship. You have the opportunity to help us make sure that events have a diversity of thought – no more all male panels.



How can we bring about change?

Speaker Bureau with a full range of speakers

Organisers - sign our pledge for diverse panels.

If you are sponsoring a conference, ask about their diversity policy for speakers. If it is not inclusive, think seriously before giving your money to them. You have the power to bring about change.

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